Author Interruption

How are you enjoying the story so far? What do you think about Gene? Kylisha? Any thoughts about how these two are ever going to get together? Or even if they should get together?

I’m all ears……………………. child’s ear


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6 thoughts on “Author Interruption

  1. hey, i read it nd i loved it, tnks a million. it really shows dat luv previals after all nd its d best gift ever given to mankind. hope i find true love someday.
    how dis new story comin? ve been checkin but notin seem forthcoming.
    hope all is well. happy april.

  2. For those of you that don’t know which book Kassy is talking about, it is the free sample (of a book entitled Treachery Among Diamonds) I posted on my Myspace blog. Feel free to use the link on the right to check it out.

    Now on to my response to Kassy….

    Kassy, I am so glad you enjoyed Treachery Among Diamonds. You grasped the main message that I was trying to get across. I also hope you find true love. Anyone have any ideas how Kassy can speed that process up? Love kinda fell in my lap at a young age (I’m still married to my high school sweetheart) and I’ve been out the loop for a while (23 years) and so I don’t have much advice on the matter.

    On second thought, Kassy, maybe you might not want to hurry love along. That could be disastrous too. My best advice is to just wait on God to send the right man your way and to give you the discernment to recognize him when he comes.

    As for the story on this blog (Changing Gene), it’s a slow mover. Though I wrote it some time ago, I’m in the process of re-editing it as well as finding the right (free) pictures to go along with the chapters. Combine that with my busy work and school schedule and hopefully you can understand why it’s taking me so long to post.

    Soooooo… patient with a sista. I guarantee it will be worth it. Not only are the dynamics between the 2 main characters spicy, this story has a few unexpected twists that are sure to have you talking to the screen. On top of that, I’m going to feature the WHOLE story (for a limited time, so please keep checking back).

    I think that’s all for now. Let me get back to work. I have a school final to complete and an April 15th deadline looming over the heads of some of my tax clients.



  3. Suprina,

    I think if Gene comes to the knowledge that he wants to pursue a serious relationship with our sweet but tough Kylisha then HE has to make some life-changing decisions…meaning to believe. mm-hmm…that’s right…for me there is no other alternate. I’d never want nor expect Kylisha to give up her belief for him…give up what?! forget that! God first all else after that’s right! (smiles)

  4. Terez: You’re right on that. Gene does have to make some life-changing decisions if he’s EVER going to get Kylisha. By the way, the title of the book (Changing Gene) gives you a big hint as to if he ever will or not. Tee-hee.

    Also I’m so glad you were able to discern Kylisha’s strength. That sista is sweet as honey, but tough as steel on the inside…at least about most things. Like the rest of us humans, Kylisha does have her share of weak spots.

    Stay tuned…


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