Changing Gene – Ch. 2.3

As soon as Kylisha walked through the door of the banquet hall, all eyes immediately turned to her. Those that didn’t know her assumed she was another one of Deshawn’s models. She’d come in the room right behind them and was now talking freely among them. As if she belonged.

Those that did know Kylisha thought she should have been a model. They’d never seen her look more beautiful than now in the red gown, stiletto heels and short feathered haircut she sported.

Gene Waldenhall almost choked on his drink when he saw Kylisha’s new look. Not only was she stunning to him, that dress complimented her slender figure in every possible way. It showed off her graceful neck, narrow waist, and supple curves that looked downright voluptuous.


Who would’ve thought she had curves like that underneath those boring work clothes, Gene mused, deciding right then and there to make Kylisha his new woman.

That was the only decision he could have made with the current level of volcanic desire pulsating through his veins. Any minute now he was going to break out in a sweat.

A woman like that makes a man want to be fruitful and multiply, Gene thought, taking thorough note of Kylisha’s apple-bottom derriere and deliciously curvy, baby-making hips.

He took a long swig of his punch in hopes that it would cool him off a bit. After all, tonight was a family affair. There were little children running around even now.

Forcing his eyes upwards, Gene checked out Kylisha’s new hairdo again. He liked how it brought more attention to her heart-shaped face and gorgeous green eyes.

Eyes. Wait a minute. Where are her second set of eyes? Gene mused, finding the wide-brimmed glasses Kylisha usually wore absent from her face tonight. She must be wearing contacts, he deduced. She was.

Deciding not to waste any more time staring at Kylisha when he could be over there talking to her, Gene discarded his drink and made his way across the room.

Unfortunately for the renowned playboy, Arnaz Donnelly, the muscle bound lead driver of their company, had the same exact idea. As a result, the two men approached Kylisha at the same time. Both with the same request.

“Kylisha, can I have this dance?”

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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4 thoughts on “Changing Gene – Ch. 2.3

  1. Suprina,
    I am having a good time with this book of yours. I want to appreciate you and thank you once again for making this wholesome book available for me and others like me to read. Happy easter celebrations and greetings to your family.


  2. Tovorinok: Thanks. You’re new here, aren’t you? I’m glad you decided to join us.

    In case you haven’t gotten to that section yet, leaving a comment on this storyline qualifies you for a FREE copy of the completed and revised e-book (without pictures). Which means, even if you don’t catch up with the rest of us before the Changing Gene ends, you still get to see how the story ends with your FREE book.

    Be blessed,


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