Author Interruption

How’s it going so far, you guys? Loving the story? Hating it? Which characters are you falling in love with at this point? Loathing?

Eager to hear from you….

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6 thoughts on “Author Interruption

  1. i really feel sry 2 her i mean Gene is trying to just ve her cos he feels he desires all of a sudden and she is desperately tryin to fight her attraction to him. I mean its real difficult considerin d fact dat dey r workin in d same office. i no dat its gonna be difficult b4 both finally find true luv but i believe its worth it at d end.
    luvin it

  2. Office romances are always hard. Especially if the attraction is between a boss and a regular employee (the whole sexual harassment issue). It’s bad enough when the people are on equal tiers as in the case of Kylisha and Arnaz.

    Speaking of Kylisha and Arnaz, do you think they would make a better match than Kylisha and Gene? Why?


  3. i doubt if i cud answer dat question maybe cos i like Gene already. i lik d whole attractn tin and if u ask me i tink Arnaz is borin. i like my guys to be a lot of fun.

  4. Kassie, you nailed one of the points to this story already – the difference between SOME Christian men and SOME non-Christian (backslidden) men.

    Though I’m married, I’ve seen far too many single sisters in the church get drawn away because the men they sit next to on the pews act like there’s no life in them. When they should be the main ones living life to the full because of the LIFE that dwells within them.

    The thing is, people confuse living life to the full with sin. I’m a firm believer that people can have fun on this earth without it leading to sin. It might take some creativity to find clean fun options since the world is geared more towards sinful pleasures, but its worth it.

    For the Christian men that might stumble across this blog I say, “Step your game up. Remain teachable.”

    For the Christian women I say, “Help your brothers-in-the-Lord expand their horizons. Be willing to TEACH them how to have good clean fun if necessary.”

    I’m routing for you all.


  5. I like Gene, now that I know what lies beneath his smugness. I like Arnaz also, what woman in her right mind does not like a BMW (black man worshiping). Sometimes christian men tend to be a bit frigid instead of enjoying their new found freedom. I personally think that with the vigor and reckless abandonment with which they enjoyed the world and the things of the world. That they should capitalize on it and use that same zeal to serve the Lord. Arnaz has to lighten up and not be so heavenly minded until he is no earthly good. I mwan look at how he acted when he saw that Ky had made some changes to her appearance, right off the back he was wondering was she still pure and untouched. Men can make us feel terrible some times. I know that the man that finds a wife finds a good thing. But men have to also realize that even if a woman has been with a man other than them she is still very capable of being someones good thing. I mean after all they’ve had other women. And likewise Gene has to learn a few life lessons he was raised in a house full of women so he knows first hand how a woman should be treated and respected, especially if he’s been brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, like Gene has. Having many women to justify your manhood means you are lacking in the self-esteem area or some other vitally important area of your life. And then dumping them when the next one causes a rise in your jeans is wrong. We are more than a notch in your belt. And besides what is he afraid of…..hhhmmmm ? Oh yes girlfriend. This is a good one. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

  6. Carrie: BMW? I like that. May use it in another book. You always comes up with clever catchphrases. Glad to see that you’ve finally joined the story. Read fast now and catch up with the rest of us.

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