Changing Gene – Ch. 4.2

It was now late March and Gene still hadn’t gotten a direct response from Kylisha verbally or via email. Maybe it was because he stopped sending gifts to the office after that day in the break room. That still didn’t explain why she continued to receive the cards he sent through regular mail. They still came to the job.

Does she want me to keep pursuing her or not? Gene mused as he drove back to the office on that cloudy afternoon.

He’d been out of the office all day, making rounds in the community, talking up new business for the company. Gene signed on three new clients today, once again confirming that he was definitely in his calling.

Gene had a way of making trash collecting sound as glamorous as Hollywood or as important as a hospital. No wonder the company received a steady flow of new clients on a weekly basis.

Mitch took it from there by making sure all of their clients received the utmost quality in service. This solidified a strong customer base and generated customer loyalty in the community. As a result, the Rozier Sanitation Company (RSC) stayed in the black and was able to offer its employees equitable benefit packages.

RSC employees received nine paid holidays, two weeks vacation, twelve sick or personal days, and medical, life, and worker’s compensation insurance. There was even a retirement plan and free membership at a local fitness facility.

For itself, the RSC continued to update its vehicles and facilities as needed. What started out as a three-truck operation ballooned into a fleet of nineteen. What used to be a plain three-room building was now a long, brown and navy-blue edifice that housed offices for the president, junior partner, and bookkeeper. The building also contained a large break room that was used for lunch and meetings, two clean restrooms, a shower for the crew to utilize before going home, and a large reception area.

Kylisha’s workstation was in the reception area. It contained a sturdy pine wood computer desk complete with a state of the art computer, printer/copier, and fax machine. Two mid-sized navy-blue sofas sat facing each other on the east and west walls. Two brown visitor’s chairs sat in front of the secretary’s desk. Kylisha kept that whole area neat and clean.

When Gene walked into the reception area after reporting back in, he didn’t notice its furnishings or its cleanliness. All he could see was Kylisha bending over the fax machine. All he could feel was yearning.

Gene suppressed a moan of pleasure at the sight of Kylisha in that position; at the sight of her period in the lilac sweater and paisley column skirt she wore. Although Kylisha’s attire was extremely professional, it was also formfitting.

I see hourglass figures came in slender packages, too, Gene mused. His fingers throbbed with the need to trace Kylisha’s hourglass curves.


Unable to wait any longer for her to come to him, Gene initiated the conversation they had to have. “Miss Greene, I need to see you in my office in five minutes please,” he said in a professional tone, slamming his hands in his jacket pockets lest he put them on her.

“Yes, of course, Mr. Waldenhall,” Kylisha replied, stilling herself against his attractiveness as she turned to face him. Gene looked even more debonair today in that gray suit. The scent of him caressed her nostrils as he briskly walked by seconds later.

Completing her task of changing the paper in the fax machine, Kylisha went over to the computer and pressed the save icon. Because she didn’t know how long she’d be in Gene’s office, she exited the program she’d been typing in and turned on her screen saver.

Before leaving her workstation, Kylisha retrieved a yellow legal pad and a pencil. Then she headed towards the brightly lit hallway that led to the private offices. Though she was fine before she left the reception area, the closer she got to Gene’s office, the more her heart pounded.

Even though Gene had spoken very professionally to Kylisha a few minutes ago, her mind kept pulling up images of his contradicting eyes. He hadn’t looked at her professionally a few minutes ago. No, Gene had looked at Kylisha the way a man looks at a woman he desires…very much.

Would he look at her like that again once she got in his office? And why did the possibility of that happening again please her so much?

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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