Author Interruption

For those who may be wondering why I’m stretching out Chapter 5, here’s the deal:

1. There are things discussed and revealed in this chapter that are going to come up again later in a BIG way.

2. I wanted you to see more of Gene’s softer side before everything hit the fan.

3. I wanted you to understand Kylisha more, so that when this sista does something you don’t agree with later (and she will), you won’t judge her too harshly.

4. I also wanted to give you a few more nuggets about Lance and Lavender since their book (Someday) is what inspired me to write this book (Changing Gene) in the first place.

By the way, Someday, which was my very first paperback novel, can be purchased at any bookstore (online or brick & mortar).


I know that was shameless promotion, but, hey, at least I’m honest about it. *grin*

Be blessed,



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