Changing Gene – Ch. 5.5

I may be hungry for her, but I’m no glutton for punishment, Gene mused, maintaining his restraint no matter how much he wanted to kiss Kylisha right now. No matter how perfect the timing was to do just that.

Quite frankly, Gene didn’t think his ego could handle another rejection from Kylisha. Especially so soon after the last one.

As Gene broke their heated gaze, he actually saw a look of disappointment cross Kylisha’s features. Convinced that it was all in his head, he doubled back to her eyes. Sure enough disappointment was there. Frustration, too, and tons of…desire?

She wants me to kiss her, Gene deduced as a powerful burst of desire slammed through his body. Yet before he could act on that desire, Kylisha leaned in and did the unexpected.

She kissed him!

Shocked, Gene inhaled sharply at the first contact of Kylisha’s soft lips. Quick to recover, he released a throaty moan and then gently coaxed her lips apart with his probing tongue.

When Kylisha willingly opened her mouth to receive such exploration, Gene felt his pulse take off at a gallop. He fought the urge to unleash his ferocious hunger for her. Hunger that had been building up for months now. Hunger that had to be restrained because wholesome women like Kylisha preferred to take things slowly. Didn’t they?

Gene didn’t really know since he’d never dated a woman like Kylisha before. His women usually didn’t attend church on a regular basis. Or at all for that matter.

Gene was about to learn a few very important lessons. He was about to learn that wholesome ladies like Kylisha came with a lot of passion, too. That just because a woman loved Jesus didn’t make her some type of unfeeling, frigid mannequin that couldn’t respond fervently to a man. Especially to a man that she intensely desired.


Based on Kylisha’s response so far, Gene could tell that she definitely desired him. Not only did she latch on to his tongue as soon as it entered her mouth, she treated it like a long awaited gift – something she had to explore every inch of in slow wonder.

Gene continued to keep his own desires in check as Kylisha had her way with him. He didn’t want to frighten her by being too aggressive for one thing. He also wanted to see actually what she was bringing to the table.


So far Kylisha was bringing the whole meal to the table. There was steak, potatoes, and plenty of other vegetables. This woman could really cook in the kissing department. Gene found himself steadily losing restraint. When Kylisha served up dessert by doing a special little twirling motion with her tongue, he nearly lost his mind.

Moaning, Gene pulled her closer and began to ravish her mouth. To his amazement, Kylisha responded in kind, matching him flicker for flicker. The more he brought to the table, the more she did, too. They were feasting now.

By the time the fervent kiss was over, they were both panting loudly. Kylisha had stars in her eyes and Gene was in the first stages of falling deliciously in love.

“Wow…what just happened there? I mean…wow.” Gene’s eyes were wide as he leaned back on the sofa. Staring at the ceiling, he took deep breaths to calm himself down.

Once again, Kylisha had surprised him. Once again, she’d done something to make Gene sit up and take closer notice of her. The fact that he’d never experienced a kiss like that before instantly qualified Kylisha for the unforgettable section of his little black book.

“Wow is definitely the right word here,” Kylisha replied. “I think ‘it’s time to go‘ should soon follow. After all, we don’t want to get into anything neither of us is ready for.”

Yet instead of getting up, Kylisha did the opposite. She leaned her head against Gene’s shoulder and let out a contented sigh, as if she wanted to stay there forever. She did. But in actuality, Kylisha just didn’t trust her legs to support her right now.

“You’re right. We should go,” Gene agreed, but he didn’t move, either. “We should go after you do another one of those little twirly things,” he added in a husky whisper as he turned to meet her eyes.

Kylisha smiled her concession. “All right, one more and then we go,” she replied, holding up her right index finger for emphasis.

Gene grinned and leaned towards her for more dessert.


Things started out slowly again, but quickly sped up. From the moment Kylisha wrapped her tongue around his, Gene knew he was a goner. This kiss was even better than the last one and it came with extras.

Not only did Kylisha do that little twirly thing Gene liked so much, she began to touch him with her hands. His face, neck, and shoulders were all caressed by fingers so soft and so potent that Gene actually felt caressed all the way down in his soul.

Wanting this special woman as close to him as possible, Gene pulled Kylisha into his lap and deepened the kiss even more. However, he slowed everything down to a snail’s pace. Each flicker, each suckle was long and drawn out.

Gene caressed Kylisha’s body just as slowly. He swallowed her gasps of pleasure as she responded favorably to his touch. His ears snatched her moans and recycled them in his brain, causing the temperature in his body to skyrocket.

Oh, how he wanted Kylisha. Gene intended to have her…tonight.

Unfortunately for him, the moment Gene started to move his hips against Kylisha’s supple bottom, he felt conviction. His conscience just wouldn’t allow him to go any further. Not with this woman. Kylisha deserved more than a one-night-stand. She deserved a real relationship.

Abruptly breaking the kiss, Gene said, “It is definitely time to go now.”

Kylisha groaned in protest, but she was wise enough to move back to her own seat.

Gene heaved a sigh of relief. If she’d stayed in his lap a minute longer, he might have had a change of heart. To make sure he stuck to the right plan, he stood to his feet.

“On your feet, young lady,” Gene said, pulling Kylisha up with him.

“Hey, hey, now. You’re the boss of my work time, not my free time,” she teased even as she complied with him.

Instead of countering that statement, Gene burst out laughing. He liked that feisty side of Kylisha.

Then while they cleaned up behind themselves and gathered their things, Gene purposefully talked about a neutral topic. He had to do something to keep his mind out the gutter. The only thing he could think of at the time was how he helped Lance and Lavender make it through a rough patch simply by delivering a furry brown kitten one Christmas morning.

“Lance scored big with my sister when he sent over that cat,” Gene concluded.

“Furry brown cat? Are you talking about Violet? If so, then I have one of her new kittens.” Kylisha smiled, thinking of her new pet now. She’d named her Chloe. “Deshawn gave Chloe to me as a housewarming gift a few weeks ago. She said she’d gotten it from her older sister, but at the time I didn’t know which one.”

“We’re talking about the same feline. So I guess you don’t live completely alone after all,” Gene said, referring to an earlier conversation they’d had.

“Guess not,” Kylisha replied, looping her arm through his as they headed towards the door.

Gene and Kylisha continued their light banter as they walked out to their cars hand in hand. At her vehicle, they shared a moonlight kiss just outside the driver door. They shared another one through the open car window a few minutes later.

“Goodnight, baby.” Gene forced himself not go for another kiss as she started her vehicle.

“Goodnight,” Kylisha replied with another set of stars in her eyes.

As Gene and Kylisha drove home on a cloud of elation, the hunger in their bodies grew. Not for food, but for each other.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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5 thoughts on “Changing Gene – Ch. 5.5

  1. Hey Suprina….

    How you doing? Congrats on the new book out…. i was fortunate to read the entire book – age is more than a number and i loved it…i always love your stories… what i enjoy the most is that there’s real substance in them!

    I’m enjoying the new book on word press… my only concern – YOU TAKING TOO LONG…. pls pls pls hurry:)

    Have a blessed day….


  2. lol. Kim, you make me laugh all the time.

    I know I’m taking a long time with this one, but it can’t be helped right now. My schedule is packed with work, school, and family demands. Plus, I’m re-editing Changing Gene as I go and looking for free pictures to bring the story more to life. Throw in a few unexpected emergencies and there you have it.

    In short, I’m doing the best I can, woman! lol.

    For real though, please be patient with me, Kim (and other impatient ones). It’s going to be so worth it and…FREE (for a limited only). So bear with a sista, okay? Okay.

    Love yall,


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