Changing Gene – Ch. 6.2

Although rain clouds were starting to block out the afternoon sun, Gene still felt luminous inside as he drove back to the office. That kiss he’d shared with Kylisha earlier today made up for anything nature lacked now. He couldn’t wait to see her again.


Gene arrived back at the office at 5:30pm. He flung open the outer door, expecting Kylisha’s face to be the first thing he saw when he entered the building.

She wasn’t.

Kylisha’s chair was empty. Her computer was turned off and the main working surface of her desk was clear, as if she’d gone home early today.

Did she get sick or something? Why didn’t she call and tell me she was leaving early? Gene mused, frowning with concern. He headed towards Mitch’s office for answers.

Relief saturated Gene’s body the second he saw the back of Kylisha’s head through the open door of Mitch’s office. His heartbeat returned to normal. She wasn’t sick or gone for the day. She was just getting some papers signed. As for the condition of Kylisha’s desk, she had obviously finished her work early and decided to tidy up in advance.

Feeling much better about things now, Gene returned to Kylisha’s desk and left her a note. Then he went to his office to wait for her.  

Shutting the door behind him, Gene sat in his high-back leather chair and closed his eyes. He kept replaying last night and this morning in his mind. A contented smile rested upon his lips as he recalled how fervently Kylisha had responded to him both times. Her throaty moans and sensual purrs kept echoing in his head, keeping him company until she arrived.

* * *

When Kylisha returned to her desk, she found Gene’s handwritten note. It read: ‘Please see me as soon as possible. Gene.

Kylisha’s heart instantly leaped to her throat. She didn’t want to see Gene as soon as possible. She didn’t want to see him at all.

But I know I have to, Kylisha mused. After all, Gene was still her boss. Plus it wasn’t fair to keep sending him mixed messages like this.

Kylisha couldn’t reject Gene one day and then kiss him the next. She had to stick with the best plan for her life. Right now that plan did not include becoming romantically involved with a playboy. The brown envelope of incriminating messages she pulled out of her desk drawer confirmed that.


After taking a deep breath, Kylisha headed towards Gene’s office. The whole way there she despised the nervous flutters in her stomach. She prayed for the strength to do what needed to be done. Quickly.

Knocking on Gene’s office door with a shaky hand, Kylisha waited until she was given permission to enter before turning the knob. The flutters in her belly multiplied the moment she saw Gene’s smiling face.

Strength, God. Strength, Kylisha continued to pray as she closed the door and quickly found a seat for her unsteady legs.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Gene asked, his smile instantly disappearing as soon as he saw her pained expression. He sprung up out of his seat and rushed to her side. “Did that grandmother of yours stop by again? Maybe we should hire a security guard after all.” Gene resolved to discuss that with Mitch at the first opportunity.  

Kylisha shook her head. “No, it wasn’t her this time.” She paused and took a deep breath. “It was you and all of these…women,” Kylisha added, shoving the envelope full of messages at him.

Kylisha hated that her voice sounded so shrill with jealousy, but she couldn’t help it. She was jealous. She wanted to be the only woman kissing Gene, not one of many. He was the only man kissing her. In fact, Kylisha hadn’t been kissed since Fabian Chonscer, her date for the senior prom.

Meanwhile, Gene blinked rapidly in shock, as if he’d just been slapped. Hard! In a way, he had – by his own womanizing past. It had finally caught up with him. The impact stung all the way down to his soul.


Just when Gene was starting to get serious about someone, women that he hadn’t heard from in months were trying to get back in touch with him. There had to be at least thirty-five messages in his hands, with names of women representing almost every letter of the alphabet. No wonder Kylisha was so hot with him.

Taking advantage of Gene’s stunned silence; Kylisha got up and started towards the door. As far as she was concerned this meeting was over. Who cares how great Gene looked in the sky-blue, V-neck sweater and black trousers he wore today? Or that his lips looked particularly lickable right now?

Kylisha cared…a lot more than she wanted to.

“Wait…please don’t go, baby,” Gene whispered hoarsely, catching hold of her arm before she made it to the door.

Kylisha stopped short in her tracks. She closed her eyes for a brief moment to collect herself. Above them the first sounds of rain could be heard tap dancing on the tin roof. Yet nothing could drown out the pleading tone in Gene’s voice or the fact that his cement pride had just been reduced to watery putty at the thought of losing her.

Remember the women, Kylisha told herself, fighting the urge to reconsider her position. She had to stay focused.

“Tell me why I should stay, Gene?” Kylisha said, turning to look back at him. “You already have enough women on your plate now. Losing one won’t hurt you a bit.”

“Losing the right one will,” Gene replied, giving her a look that spoke volumes as he flung the brown envelope to the floor.

Inhaling sharply, Kylisha tingled and shuddered clear down to her toes. She wanted to believe him so badly. But her mother had wanted to believe in a man, too, and look where that got her.

Oh, what was a girl to do? 

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier


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