Changing Gene – Ch. 7.2

On an early Saturday morning in April, Gene drove over to his sister Avery’s house. He was going there to meet up with his jogging partner Skeet. It rained last Saturday, so they had to postpone their run. Today the sun showed promise of shining bright until it was time to set in the western sky. Gene was happy about that. Running usually took his mind off his problems.


The problem Gene had today was the same one he’d had for weeks—Kylisha-itis. He was plagued with thoughts of her from sunup to sundown. She seemed to be his favorite topic of meditation these days. In fact, Gene was thinking about her now, wondering how her beautiful eyes looked fresh from sleep.

Skillfully maneuvering his vehicle on the winding roads that led away from his condo, Gene forced his mind off Kylisha. Today’s replacement topic—Skeet.

Skyler ‘Skeet’ Patton was like a cross between Lance and Carlton, Gene’s other brothers-in-law. He had gone far in school, but was nowhere near as bookish as Carlton. He was also streetwise, yet had never fully immersed himself in street-life like Lance had. In fact, Skeet’s police record was squeaky clean.

Professionally, Skeet ran a prosperous independent lab that serviced quite a few hospitals in the local area as well as many private practitioners. Personally, Skeet was a family man that attended church on a regular basis. He liked sports, action movies, and authentic Mexican food, making him highly compatible to Avery who enjoyed the very same things.

Kylisha and I were compatible, too, Gene recalled, experiencing that familiar twinge of regret whenever he thought of her. When rejection tried to set in, he willed his mind onto yet another topic—Pete Judson.

Though Pete held the distinction of being Avery’s first love and the father of her first child, he was generally disliked by the whole Rozier/Waldenhall family. Their distaste for Pete was not just because he tried to reduce Avery to the role of mistress nearly seven years ago, but also because of the man’s stinky attitude.

Pete was always uptight and aloof around Gene’s family. He literally refused to make an effort to get along with anyone except Avery and Twanda ‘Tweety’ Judson—the child he’d had by Avery.

Gene knew what Pete’s problem was though—anger and jealousy. Pete was angry with them because they stood behind Avery’s decision to cease all romantic involvement with a married man, despite the fact that she’d borne his child. Despite the fact that he eventually got a divorce from his wife.

Pete was jealous because Avery’s love for her new man exceeded the love she’d had for him. The fact that the rest of the Rozier/Waldenhalls loved Skeet, too, only added to Pete’s jealousy.

It was hard not to love Skeet. He treated Avery like a queen. He definitely gave her no cause to distrust him like Pete had when he neglected to tell Avery that he was a married man. On top of that, Skeet treated Tweety like a princess, as if she was his very own child.


I wonder how me and Kylisha’s children would look, Gene mused, his mind once again drifting back to its favorite topic. He felt his body expand at the very thought of making those children with her. The nylon warm-up suit he wore was going to get very tight around the pelvic area if he didn’t gain control of his mind soon.

“Man, you have got to stop thinking about this woman,” Gene scolded himself in the empty car. He looked forward to jogging more than ever now.

* * *

Across town, Kylisha slowly stirred from her slumber. The smile she’d worn in sleep instantly drooped into a frown as the remnants of last night’s dream made the leap into her waking hours.

She’d had that dream again. The one with her and Gene kissing passionately on the beach. The same dream where she’d bid goodbye to her virginity forever…to Gene.

Kylisha could still recall his gentleness. How complete she’d felt joined with Gene in the most primal of ways. The wavelike motion of their hips as each golden surge of pleasure was followed by an even greater one.


Kylisha also remembered the joyous tears she’d shed as her dream self surrendered to ecstasy for the very first time. Touching her cheeks now, she was surprised to find real tears there.

“Aaugh!” Kylisha exclaimed in frustration, jumping out of bed.

I wonder if Arnaz is up for a little early morning Bible study, she mused, ready to delay her usual Saturday plans long enough to get her mind right. Yet instead of heading to the phone, Kylisha headed to the bathroom for a long cold shower. She had to get her body under control first.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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2 thoughts on “Changing Gene – Ch. 7.2

  1. Possibly tonight. I’m eager to get back to posting, too, Jessi. But since I had mid-terms and some family things to come up recently, I had to do a little prioritizing. You understand.

    Thanks for writing in. It feels good to know you’re missed.


    PS. I was able to post to my Myspace blog during this hectic time (the material there didn’t need as much editing as Changing Gene). Maybe that can keep you occupied until I update this blog again.

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