Changing Gene – Ch. 8.1

“Daddy, that looks like Miss Kylisha’s car,” Tweety said, pointing to a familiar vehicle as she and her father pulled into a local gas station on that cloudy Sunday afternoon.

“Miss Kylisha? You mean Deshawn’s new friend?” Pete asked, revealing just how much information he’d garnered about the Rozier/Waldenhalls from his openhearted daughter.

“Yeah. She’s my friend, too,” Tweety replied, smiling when she realized that it really was Kylisha at the gas station. “Granddaddy says she’s the best secretary ever.”

One of Pete’s brows rose at this new information. “I didn’t know she worked for Mitch and Gene.”

“Yeah. Granddaddy says she’s a treasure,” Tweety innocently replied, unaware of her role as resident family spy.


Parking behind the luxury sedan, Pete gave Kylisha and her car a closer look. “They must pay her well.” He was more impressed with the car than the woman pumping gas into it. Though Kylisha was certainly attractive, Pete only had eyes for Avery right now.

“I guess so.” Tweety shrugged, not privy to family financial data. “Can I get out and say hello?” she asked.

“We’ll both get out and say hello,” Pete replied, hoping to gain an ally in Kylisha. She was close enough to the Rozier/Waldenhalls to spy on them. Far enough not to get involved with them personally…or so he thought.

Pete quickly realized that Kylisha would not make a good ally after all. Not only was she dedicated to her faith and thus above tactics of manipulation, she seemed to be totally enamored of Avery’s family. Kylisha had nothing but glowing words to say about them the whole time Pete and Tweety talked with her.

The only one Kylisha was silent about was Gene. However, Pete was able to fill in the blanks on that issue simply by watching her lovely green eyes. The second Tweety mentioned that Gene was going to be at this evening’s family dinner, Kylisha’s eyes lit up with joy before quickly becoming neutral again.

Somebody has a crush on their boss. Too bad that’s a lost cause, Pete mused, waving goodbye to Kylisha minutes later. He knew Gene’s reputation. He also knew Kylisha didn’t stand a chance of converting Gene from his player ways without a miracle from God. Too bad Pete couldn’t see that he was pursuing a lost cause of his own.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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