Author Note

I want to personally thank everyone that has participated in my 2 for 1 Sale so far, as well as those with intentions of participating.

You see, every sale I make from my books enables me to continue writing online/offline. It also frees up my time to edit/post more since I don’t have to spend those extra hours trying to make a living.

That’s why I had to stop for a moment and show my gratitude.

While I’m in this grateful mood, I also want to thank those readers who take the time to comment. In fact, I sometimes crave those more than money. Quite honestly, I only need money to take care of the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing). Reader feedback is food for my soul.

Okay, enough of that…

In case you’re wondering about the recent turn of events in the current storyline, just know that I plan to bring Gene and Kylisha back to the forefront real soon. Right now, I’m trying to close some doors I opened within Gene’s family (Avery and Skeet’s sub-plot).

Much love, y’all.



2 thoughts on “Author Note

  1. Suprina,

    I was enjoying this story soo much that i forgot to leave comments!!!!
    I really like how the story is developing and even when you talk about Gene’s family it’s very interesting so don’t worry about boring us readers!!
    The chemistry between Gene and Kylisha is hot! but I like how either Gene knows when to cool down or Kylisha and my gurl Kylisha is wise also cooling off the relationship untl Gene changes his ways or makes the efforts to.
    keep up this great job and I’ll keep in mind to jot down a comment! I also thought since I’m in april in the storu and we’re actually in June that you won’t even read the comments???

  2. Terez: I read ALL the comments, no matter when/where they are placed. I try to respond to all of them, too.

    You tickle me with your comments about G & K’s chemistry. By the way, I think it’s hot, too. 🙂


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