Changing Gene – Ch. 8.4

Skeet and Avery finally made it back to their own bedroom after reassuring Tweety of a few things. They had to reassure the child that, one; there would absolutely be no divorce. Two, that her brother and stepfather would not be moving away. Three, that her mother and birth father would not be getting back together under any circumstances. And four, that they could not all live in the same house.

To her credit, Tweety took it all in stride. She even seemed relieved about things remaining the same in their household.

“Okay, now that we’ve taken care of that situation, what are we going to do about Pete?” Skeet asked, sitting on the bed beside Avery.

“Well, violence is definitely out of the question,” she promptly replied. “That would only end up hurting Tweety more.”

Skeet chuckled. “I wasn’t going to suggest that, baby,” he said, pulling her close. “My head is much cooler now. I’m ready to be diplomatic.”


“Thank God.” Avery laughed, breathing a sigh of relief. She hadn’t been too sure about Skeet’s intentions concerning Pete. Especially after Tweety revealed some of the other things she and her father had discussed lately. Things Pete had no business even trying to discuss with their daughter.

“Speaking of God, let’s pray,” Skeet said, reaching for Avery’s hand. “I have a feeling we’re going to need His wisdom now more than ever.”

After bringing God in on the situation, Skeet and Avery put their heads together in order to find an effective way to deal with this difficult, irritating, and yet necessary person in their lives. Necessary as in Pete was still needed by Tweety since he was her birth father.

It was finally agreed upon that Avery would talk to Pete about his behavior, in front of Skeet, of course. Pete would be warned about disrespecting her marriage from this point on. He would also be told the consequences of doing so in any way. One of those consequences included Avery contacting her lawyer to amend and restrict Pete’s visitation rights. The courts didn’t look too kindly upon fathers that used their children as tools of manipulation or that threatened their sense of stability, which is exactly what Pete did to Tweety in this situation.

Skeet and Avery also agreed to teach Tweety the difference between open information and closed information. Meaning, she would be told the kinds of things that were off-limits to discuss with Pete and why. Tweety would also be taught respectful, yet firm ways to discourage her father from prying in the future. One way was to simply say, “Daddy, can we talk about something else please?” Then suggest a safer topic in order to avoid conflict.

With the air much lighter between them now, Skeet stood to his feet. “Get up, baby. I want to show you something,” he said, pulling Avery up with him.

“Show me what?” she asked, readily going into his arms.

Delaying his reply, Skeet turned Avery around so that they both faced the mirror. “I want to show you this,” he said, hugging her from behind.


“Us?” Avery asked, smiling at their loving reflection. Dark chocolate queen in a satin lounger. Bronze king in a pair of black satin pajama bottoms. They made an attractive couple.

“Yes, but more specifically, me loving you just the way you are.” Skeet’s hands began to move upwards. “I love the extra pounds you’ve put on, Avery. You’ve given me more to love. And I do love these,” he said, kneading two handfuls of suppleness. “Can’t you tell?”

“Yes,” Avery replied breathlessly. She moaned.

Skeet’s hands moved lower. “I also love this,” he continued, gliding his fingers down her slippery slope. “Can’t wait to come inside and visit again.”

“You’re welcome anytime, baby.” Avery’s chestnut pools were ablaze with passion now.

Skeet’s hands moved to her rear. “One step backwards will prove how much I love this,” he said, squeezing her full bottom.

Avery took that bold step backwards. They both moaned this time.

“Mmm…baby. Avery, you’re all the woman I’ll ever want or need,” Skeet whispered in her ear. He held her close for a full fifteen seconds, relishing their intimate contact.

“Show me, Skyler,” Avery said, starting to move against him. “Show me how much you want me. How much you need me, baby.”

Leading her back to the bed, Skeet showed Avery a lot of things that night. Each kiss and caress revealed his potent love for her. The urgency and fervency of Skeet’s body revealed his need. By the time Avery tumbled over the edge of ecstasy, all of her doubts had been banished forever.

Love, trust, and desire had once again intermingled as friends within the bonds of matrimony.

* * *

At Selita’s house, another kind of union was going on. Or rather had tried to go on without much success. Gene had gotten Selita all hot and heavy and then couldn’t perform. Oh, the humiliation!


“It’s okay, Gene. I heard this happens to all men from time to time,” Selita said, trying to soothe his bruised ego.

“It doesn’t happen to me!” Gene retorted, getting out of bed. “I mean, it never has before,” he amended in a calmer tone. It wasn’t Selita’s fault he couldn’t perform tonight. All the blame rested on him, and him alone.

“Maybe you’re stressed. Got a lot on your mind or something.” Selita sat up in bed.

“Yeah, I’m stressed all right,” Gene said, thinking of Kylisha even now. He began searching for his clothes.

“You know you don’t have to go, Gene.” Selita threw the covers off her body, giving him an eyeful. “You could stay overnight, then we could try again in the morning.”

Gene shook his head. “Thanks, but no,” he said, trying to let her down easy. “What’s on my mind will probably still be there in the morning. I think it’s better that I just go on home.” His voice reeked of finality.

I was a fool to think I could be content with a look-alike, Gene mused. It was the real thing or nothing at all.

Though disappointed, Selita’s green eyes now looked worried. His tone had been so resolute. “Will you call me tomorrow, Gene?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you,” he promised, dressing as fast as he could.

Gene would call Selita all right. He would call to say goodbye…for good. He was too cowardly to do so right now. Plus, he didn’t want or need all the extra drama associated with that act. Not now.

Deeper inside, Gene knew that he was also too cowardly to go after what he really wanted. The fear of rejection kept him from pursuing Kylisha again. It made him feel more vulnerable and raw than he’d ever felt in his life.

Now fully dressed, Gene said goodnight to Selita and went home to brood.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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