Author Interruption

Hmm…debating about whether or not to extend the 2 for 1 Sale. As y’all know, it ends today.



Okay, since I’m feeling in a good mood about passing my mid-terms (got 2 A’s!), I’m going to extend the sale until June 15th. So for those who haven’t placed an order yet, you now have more time. After that, everything goes back the way it was before.

Love y’all!


P.S. Keep those comments coming. Can’t get enough of those. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Author Interruption

  1. hey,
    i just luv and wish Gene wud take the chance and ask Kylshia out. i mean how long does it takes. but still luv all d drama.

  2. Kassie, is the drama tormenting you? Are you ready for them to have a happily-ever-after already? Surely you’re not ready for the story to end.

    There’s still so much more to go…. 😉

    Hang in there with me, okay?


  3. hello suprina,
    it was fun reading this story as usual .. i really love all your stories that you have written so far and those that i have read . Do u have any more new stories coming up ?or any past ones that i have not read ? well i would love to know if u have any more ..

    Regarding this novel (changing gene) it is fantastic . though the volume of every chapter has decreased . i hope to know what Gene will say to Skeet ..*lol* thanks once again – Mary

  4. Mary, I’m glad you’re having fun with this story. Me, too!

    I just wish I had more time to devote to posting, which is also the general consensus among my readers. Sorry, y’all. I’m doing the best I can here (won’t go into all the reasons why posting is so slow again. By now everybody knows them all. If not, just read the comments on other posts.)


    To answer your questions, Mary. Just go to my Main Website for a listing of all the books I have available so far. I announce new ones as they are ready for publication.

    As for Gene and Skeet’s after-heartbreak conversation, I’m in the process of editing that now. I should post before day’s end.

    Stay tuned…


    PS. This blog set a record high yesterday (93 hits). ‘Preciate all the interest.

  5. Thanks Suprina for replying so soon well I’m waiting early to read the further story. I have checked your website and i have read up from sorrow (I was late so could not catch up with the latter part 😦 ) and My favourite one- My Lover, My friend and the best one – Bound by love.. i loved these novels a lot. but do u have any more previous ones that i have not read? i would love to read them too..
    Thanks once again for writing such gr88 novels … 🙂

    – Mary

  6. Mary, if you’re referring to which of my FREE books you haven’t read, I would say you’ve read all the ones still posted on various websites.

    Let’s see…there’s the entire book of My Lover-My Friend and also Bound by Love. There’s a few lengthy samples of some of my other books on my Blogspot blog. A sample of my sci/fi can be found on my Sci-Fi blog. The MySpace page has a few samples of my secular books, as well as a regular Friday posting of an interactive storyline. And finally, this blog, which is going to be featuring the entire story of Changing Gene (for a limited time only).

    That’s about it for all the FREE stuff. Everything else I’ve written is for sale. A girl’s got bills to pay, so I can’t give everything away. Hey, that rhymed! 😀

    I hope that answered your question, Mary.

    Be blessed.


  7. Hi suprina , i have not read the sci- fi blog .. as I’m not into much of reading sci -fi , but i seen yur My Space but i did not find any samples of your secular books nor on the Blogspot Blog. i dunno i checked but i did not find any stuff.. pls can u send a link of that page where the samples of yur books are there i would love to read them ..

    And Changing gene is really turning out to be quite interesting 😆 i hope we have some more surprise from gene as he starts attending church now .. :-0 Thanks once again..

    Mary 🙂

  8. Mary, check the archives on the Blogspot Blog. They go back as far as December 2005. The key is to use the right search words like ‘Chapter, Author Note, Author Interruption’, and just follow the dates. Hope that helps.


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