Changing Gene – Ch. 10.1

“It’s Arnaz,” Kylisha whispered, abruptly breaking the kiss.

“I don’t care who it is,” Gene replied, speaking in his regular voice. In fact, he stopped caring about Mitch’s explicit warning the second Kylisha stepped into his office tonight. “All I care about is us,” Gene continued, lowering his mouth to hers again.

Kylisha turned her head away, causing his lips to land on her right cheek instead.

Undaunted, Gene began to trace her cheek with his tongue. As long as she didn’t say the dreaded ‘no’, he was going to continue along this sensual path.

Kylisha gasped and moaned with pleasure, yet she had enough restraint left to back out of his embrace. “No, Gene,” she panted out when he reached for her again. “One kiss was all I promised.”

“But it’s not all you want, is it?” he countered, meeting her heated gaze. Gene could tell that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. That excited him all the more.

Slamming her eyes closed, Kylisha shook her head and moved completely away from him now. “I have to go to Bible study.”

“You weren’t thinking about Bible study a few seconds ago,” Gene quipped as she hasted towards the door.

Kylisha turned beet red in the cheeks. She gave him an icy glare before peering around the corner of the doorway. “I’ll be right there, Arnaz. I was just…doing a favor for Mr. Waldenhall.”


Gene frowned. A favor?! He didn’t want her pity. He was no charity case!

“You can leave now, Kylisha. Your favor is over,” Gene said, filling up with pride as his passion quickly weaned.

Kylisha bristled at his dismissive tone. After shooting him another frosty glare, she squared her shoulders and walked out the office with her head held high.

To heaven with him! Kylisha mused hotly, forcing herself not to condemn Gene to a place that she wouldn’t wish upon her worst enemy.

* * *

Arnaz couldn’t help but notice the changes in Kylisha. After coming out of Gene’s office with her eyes blazing with ire, she’d slowly but surely settled into a silent funk.

Kylisha barely participated in tonight’s praise and worship service, and she hadn’t asked a single question yet during Bible study. That was very unlike her. Kylisha usually had a ton of questions about the scriptures.

What did he do to her now? Arnaz mused, convinced that Gene Waldenhall was somehow responsible for Kylisha’s current melancholy.

Arnaz was only half-right. Although Gene had upset Kylisha tremendously tonight, it was the Bible study message that rendered her most silent, most reflective.

Tonight’s message was about the dangers of being unequally yoked in romantic relationships. The female guest minister pulled from her own past experiences and from the scriptures to show some of the consequences of being paired with a carnal person. A person willingly headed down a different spiritual path than you.

The part of the message that hit Kylisha the hardest was the following quote: “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her. If that man is unwilling to seek God, then he doesn’t deserve that woman.”

Kylisha fought back tears after hearing that. It was just the answer she needed. Now she knew for sure that Gene was not the one for her. He wasn’t seeking God. Nor did he seem willing to. If Gene was seeking anything, it was access to her body. Kylisha needed something deeper than that. She needed someone deeper than that.

“I plan on fasting one meal a day starting next week. That way, I can have more money to send with the missionaries at the end of the month. Want to join me?” Arnaz asked on their way out to their cars.

“Sure.” Kylisha smiled.

Now this is a man after God’s own heart, she mused, looking at Arnaz in a new light now. A man like this, a woman wouldn’t mind giving her heart to, Kylisha decided, looping her arm through his.


Arnaz’s brows rose at her sudden change in mood. Though he wondered what brought about that change, he was too happy right now to probe.

Thank You, Lord, Arnaz mused, briefly looking towards heaven before smiling down into Kylisha’s beautiful eyes.

* * *

Feeling bad about the way he treated Kylisha yesterday, Gene sent her a bouquet of flowers on Thursday. The attached note simply read, ‘Sorry’.

Kylisha responded a little more discreetly. She put a post-it note within one of his sales files. It read, ‘You’re forgiven’.

Gene smiled when he read Kylisha’s note. Like a flash flood, relief saturated his spirit, soul, and body.


Knowing that the slate had been wiped clean between him and Kylisha kept Gene in good spirits for the rest of that day and the next. Sadly, Gene had no idea that right before Kylisha received his token of apology; she’d finally agreed to go out on an official date with Arnaz.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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6 thoughts on “Changing Gene – Ch. 10.1

  1. i cant tell u how much dis bk is helping me. i ve a boyfriend who isnt really into God although he is a xtian by birth. he is just like Gene a playboy and i really luv him nd hope he changes someday. i no d bible says we shudnt equally yoke with unbelievers (one of my mum’s fav) but i cant get over him.
    i hope to learn from Kylshia’s experience to no wat she did so i’m really countin on dis bk.

  2. Talk about pressure. You put it on me just then, Kassy.

    I pray I do you (and others like you) justice with Changing Gene.

    Continue to hang in there with me and we all might learn something new. God is really laying it on my heart to revamp entire sections of this book (which is also causing the posting to go slower), so who knows how deep it’s going to get.

    By the way, Kassy, I’m going to give away free e-book copies of Changing Gene (complete edited version – without pictures) to those readers that have commented along the way. Yay!

    It’s my way of saying ‘Thanks for hanging in there with me and going the extra step to keep me encouraged with your comments’. (Only 1 copy per reader though).
    I’m not Santa Claus or anything, but I am definitely making a list and checking it twice of those who were good enough to leave a comment on this blog. Maybe that will be enough incentive for the lurkers to finally come out of hiding.

    *shrugging* Who knows?

    Okay, going to bed now…

    Thanks for commenting, Kassy.


  3. Get plenty of rest so we can get 2 more chapters tomorrow. Is Gene ever going to believe in god so he can get Kylisha back without having to fight anyone for her? Keep up the good work. I was happy to hear about your giving away copies of edited copies of this story.

  4. Jessie, to answer your question, “Yes. Gene is going to eventually come back to the Lord.” The book wouldn’t be called Changing Gene if he didn’t. 🙂

    However, since he’s one of the stubborn ones, it’s going to take something drastic for him to realize how much he truly needs God. Even more so than he thinks he needs Kylisha.

    Okay, that was my spoiler for the day. I’m going to do some editing now. Hopefully, I’ll have some more juicy post to put up tonight before bedtime.

    Thanks for commenting, Jessie.


  5. Suprina,

    it’s a responsibility that you have writing a book that affects so many lives because as believing sisters we often are tempted itno relationships with unbelievers whereas the Bible tells us the path to go. I hope and pray the Lord continues to guide you in writing this story which will be a truthful example for other sisters who are in the same situation, it happened to me and I was forced to choose between the unbeliever or God. Who saved me? The Lord so.. the choice was simple but heartbreaking.

  6. Terez: I also had that choice to make (between a man and God). I chose God and you know what? God, in turn, allowed that man to come back to me. Does that happened in all cases? No, but it definitely happened in mine. Still married to that fellow now. 🙂

    As for our sisters in the Lord, I try to keep them in mind when I’m writing. I’m still trying to think of viable ways to reach them. Especially since a lot of the ones that need this message may never read this kind of book. Some churches even discourage them from reading romance novels, thinking all we’re (authors) doing is peddling sex.

    *shrugging* I don’t know what to do…still praying on that front.


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