Changing Gene – Ch. 10.2

Having received a tip from Arnaz and Luther yesterday about a prime salvage hunting site, Kylisha borrowed her grandfather’s truck early that Saturday morning and went to check out the goods. Arnaz wanted to come, too, but she declined.

Kylisha liked engaging in her favorite pastime alone. Plus, she needed time alone to think about why last night’s first kiss with Arnaz hadn’t given her the same thrill as Gene’s.

Arnaz’s kiss had certainly been nice, definitely tender. Yet it had lacked the same level of fire as his predecessor. It was like comparing the controlled heat of a fireplace to the heat of an erupting volcano.


Kylisha almost wished Gene had never kissed her. She’d been perfectly content to eventually die a virgin until he awakened her desires. Couple that with seeing Deshawn and Foster so happily in love, as well as most of the Rozier/Waldenhalls, and one could see why Kylisha now craved romance for herself.

Maybe I just need to give it more time, she mused, deeming Arnaz worthy of her patience. Some men just weren’t good kissers. The fact that Arnaz was a good man was more important to Kylisha right now. Besides, fireplaces were less dangerous than volcanoes anyway. Cozier, too.


Pulling up to the large apartment complex situated across the street from a row of condos, Kylisha praised the Lord for the wisdom to get such an early start this morning. Even from a hundred feet away and despite the dimness of the rapidly approaching seven o’clock hour, she could see that this would be a profitable day for her.

Quickly scanning the area for other salvage hunters, Kylisha breathed a loud sigh of relief. She was thrilled to be the first one there. Usually there was always at least one other vehicle on the scene before her.

Now Kylisha could get first pick of the goods. She could also take a little extra time to browse for the best items before everyone else arrived as they undoubtedly and eventually would.

Professional salvage hunters, or trash pickers as some people called them, were notorious for picking a site clean of all of its quality items before novices like Kylisha ever got out of bed in the morning. They knew exactly which sites to visit and when.

If Kylisha hadn’t come to work for Mitch, she never would have known that big apartment complexes and residential areas around universities yielded the best stuff. That since most apartment leases began at the first of the month; treasures from move outs and evictions came out the last weekend of a given month like clockwork.

Kylisha used this newfound knowledge to not only furnish her new apartment, but to also satisfy her need to restore that which was damaged. Fortunately, the love and care Kylisha put into those restoration projects have paid off handsomely for her. Some of her refurbished treasures were now appraised in the thousands.

Quickly parking the truck beside a large green dumpster in the upscale neighborhood, Kylisha jumped out and immediately began to survey the goods. There were numerous discarded lamps, a metal leaf headboard, two wicker baskets, one perfectly good black leather sofa, and a beautiful oval-shaped wood table that had been painted white.

I bet that’s rich mahogany wood underneath, Kylisha mused, zooming in on the table. Excitement coursed through her veins at the thought of restoring it back to its former beauty. She couldn’t wait to put it on the back of her grandfather’s truck.

Someone else can have the sofa and baskets, Kylisha mused, completely forgetting all about her unsettled love life now. But the headboard, table, and two of those lamps are going home with me.

Since hauling treasures to the truck sometimes got a little messy and strenuous, Kylisha took a few moments to prepare herself. After putting on a pair of work gloves, she adjusted the stylish olive scarf that kept undesirable debris out of her hair, and then stretched her arms and legs.

“Now which of you little darlings are going on first?” Kylisha said, oblivious to the two early morning joggers approaching from the south.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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