Changing Gene – Ch. 14.3

Later that day, Kylisha went into Gene’s office for their monthly sales meeting. This was a time when she shared the cumulative results of his efforts over a thirty-day period. Marketing trends were highlighted. Any decline in sales was analyzed so that Gene could learn what not to do next time.

Kylisha and Gene had gotten so good at handling this part of the operation that Mitch seldom made an appearance anymore. Instead of attending the meetings, he opted instead to see the minutes and all associated reports. Today was one of those just Gene and Kylisha days.

Halfway through the meeting, a call came in from Gene’s twin sister, Geanette. To Kylisha’s amazement, he immediately stopped the meeting to take the call. He also took his time with that call.

I like that, Kylisha thought, admiring any man that would put his family above work.

As Gene’s conversation went on, Kylisha found more reasons to like him. The advice he gave Geanette was priceless. The way he gave it to her was endearing.

Geanette, who worked as a paralegal for years, was now thinking of becoming a full-fledged lawyer. She was nervous about making such a big change in her life and wanted Gene’s input on the matter.

Gene’s advice was for Geanette to follow her heart and do it with gusto. He even gave Mitch credit for being the one to say it first. Then Gene proceeded to make Geanette laugh with funny jokes and stories until he was sure her mood had improved.

Kylisha continued to sit quietly, soaking up this wonderful side of Gene. At one point it felt as if she was in the presence of greatness. As if God Himself had shined a bright light of approval upon such a supportive brother.

At the end of the call, Kylisha and Gene’s eyes met. The air in the room crackled with strong undercurrents. The heat between them became so intense that Kylisha actually thought about fleeing the room. Instead she stayed and forced herself to finish the meeting.


Kylisha was tired of running from this man. She was tired of running from a lot of things.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier       


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