Changing Gene – Ch. 15.2

Closing the door behind him, Gene went over to his chair and plopped down into it. Anguish sliced through him like a medieval sword. He felt torn asunder, shredded to bits now that the one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world was gone.


He’s probably going to marry her before summer’s end, Gene lamented, concerning Arnaz’s likely future plans. I know I would.

Kylisha was everything a man could ever want. She was bright, capable, beautiful, loyal, and above all else, a devoted Christian. The fact that she was a virgin only added to her appeal.

Reluctantly accepting the fact that he didn’t deserve such goodness in the first place, Gene moved his chair over to the window. There he did what he should have done a long time ago – he sought the Lord with his whole heart.

* * *

So engrossed in prayer, Gene failed to hear Kylisha knock softly on his office door around 6:30 to say goodnight and to thank him again for his gift. Gene also failed to see the shock on her face when she cracked the door open and found him calling out to the Heavenly Father with sincerity too genuine to fake.

Oh, God! He really does have a personal relationship with You, Kylisha realized. He really is a man of God. She quickly and quietly closed the door again, careful not to disturb the praying man.

“You all right?” Arnaz asked, frowning when he saw Kylisha coming from the direction of Gene’s office in a daze.

Kylisha nodded.

“He didn’t upset you again, did he?”

Kylisha shook her head this time. She was still too choked up to say anything.

“Well, what did he do then?” Arnaz persisted as they exited the building.

Kylisha looked at him with deep grief in her glossy pools. “He prayed for my happiness…whether it was with him or not.”

Arnaz’s mouth formed a perfect O. Shock stopped the flow of words from spilling from his lips. The game had suddenly and drastically changed. The heat was really on now.

If I don’t get her to make a deeper commitment to me soon, I’m going to lose her forever, Arnaz mused with all certainty.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier       


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4 thoughts on “Changing Gene – Ch. 15.2

  1. Oh pity! i’m really feeling for Arnaz but i blv wen ur luv comes it just comes.
    Kylshia shud go 4 her man pls, cos all dis tension is killin me, but i guess it makes d bk more fun.

  2. Kassy, tension is what should drive any good book, not the sex. I hate reading books where every other page the people are having sex. That’s not reality. People aren’t staying in bed all day. They have jobs, sports, shopping and other activities in their lives.

    Sex every other page is also unrealistic, a body gets tired after a while and needs a break. Especially if you’re vigorous in that area. 😀

    Anyhoo…on to other things.

    At this point, I don’t pity Arnaz at all. Kylisha was very honest with him about her feelings, even requested that he give her the time she needed to get all the way over Gene. But what does Arnaz do? Apply pressure, play head games. Kylisha could have stayed with Gene if she was going to go through all that.

    Yet because I do still like Arnaz, I’m going to make sure he has a happy ending. Especially since this brother is about to be booted out of the picture for good (my spoiler for the day).


  3. yahoo!!!!!!!!!!! Arnaz was a good brother until he started playing games to get closer to Kylisha like sucking up to her grandparents of all people!!! he sjould’ve known better than. Hi sbehaviour warranted him his exit from Kylisha’s life and I don’t mind one bit!!!! I liked Gene from beginning player and all….I had hope that at least this brotha’ would change.
    You’re absolutely right about the sex Sup!!!
    tension and drama and action should drive a good book even some good comedy once in a while not just sex!!!

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