Changing Gene – Ch. 16.1

On the way home, Gene passed a fifty-ish woman parked on the side of the road. Seeing the condition of her tire, he backed up and offered his assistance.

The gray-haired woman readily accepted his help. Her husband was out of town on business and the roadside service she’d called hadn’t made it there yet.

After Gene changed the tire, the gray-haired woman offered to pay him for his kind service to her. When he refused, she gave him something else instead – a Rhema* Word from the Lord based on Matthew 6:33.

“Young man, because you have sought the Lord with your whole heart, a few things are about to be added unto you. Things that you have longed for and craved for quite a while now. One of which is a wife,” the gray-haired lady said, speaking in a confident voice.

Gene smiled wide as hope blossomed in his heart like flowers in the springtime. “But I’m not even seeing anyone right now.”


“On the contrary, you’ve seen this woman almost every day for the last year. That’s the one destined to be your wife.”

Kylisha, Gene deduced, grinning now. Though he didn’t know this woman from Eve, her words still rang true with him.

“You must be a minister or something,” Gene said, wanting to be sure he hadn’t stumbled across some religious nut. Although he was open to prophesying, he didn’t need anyone prophe-lying to him. Grandma Janelle had warned him about such wolves in sheep’s clothing.

“That I am.” The gray-haired woman smiled. “My name is Minister Nolas LeBron.” She reached into her purse and handed him one of her ministry cards.

“I’m Gene Waldenhall,” he replied, receiving the card from her. Gene briefly glanced down at the professional gold engraving to see if it mentioned anything about spells or love potions. When he discovered it didn’t, he relaxed inside and out.

Meanwhile, one of Minister LeBron’s brows rose at the mention of his name. It didn’t take long for her to put two and two together and come up with Kylisha’s Gene. It took even less time to discern that he was truly a sincere brother now.

Now that she knew Gene was the genuine article, Minister LeBron felt compelled to do something extra to help this young man out. “Gene, can I give you a little piece of advice about this woman your heart wants?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Gene’s expression grew somber. With the way his life had been lately, he expected to hear bad news to offset the good.

“Your lady may need to see you walk out a few more things before she truly believes in your sincerity. In other words, make sure your loving words are backed up by loving actions,” Minister LeBron advised. “Romantic actions, not sexual actions,” she added with a chuckle.

Gene laughed. “Yes, ma’am.” He was ready to go rushing over to Kylisha’s apartment right now. But first he needed to talk to his sister Deshawn. He needed her confirmation about a few things.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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*Definition: Rhema is a specific word of God for a specific incident and a specific time, to a specific person for a specific task in a specific time. (In other words, it is a prophetic Word tailor made to you concerning a specific situation – Suprina’s paraphrase)


2 thoughts on “Changing Gene – Ch. 16.1

  1. I’m really happy 4 Gene nd all i can say is go get ur woman.
    luv to see d actions he takes to win Kylshia
    tnks for dis wonderful piece

  2. I believe in prophecies but am glad that gene was hesitant before believeing because as we know many wolves in sheep’s clothing lurk.
    Soo happy that my fav man is going to go after my fav woman. it’ll be interesting to see the romantic actions you’ll come up with Sup!

    great job sistah’

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