Changing Gene – Ch. 17.3

Once Kylisha arrived home, she went straight to the bathroom for a nice long soak in the tub. She was mentally and emotionally exhausted, in great need of relaxation.

Never mind about eating. Kylisha had no appetite right now anyway. She just wanted to take a hot bath, hit the bed and forget this day ever even existed on the calendar.

I’ll eat a big breakfast in the morning to make up for it, Kylisha promised herself, pouring botanical bath beads into the slow-filling tub.

Chloe, who’d followed Kylisha from the front door, suddenly meowed loudly from the bathroom entrance. Her meow of complaint stemmed from the fact that she hadn’t gotten her usual after-work affection today.

Kylisha looked behind her and smiled. “I’m sorry, Chloe. Mommy’s not herself today. Come here, baby.” She snapped her fingers and held out her arms.

Chloe leaped into Kylisha’s arms from a standing position.

By the time she finished the two-minute stroking of Chloe’s fur, Kylisha was starting to feel relaxed already. It’s amazing the calming effect pets have on humans, she mused, shedding her clothes. It was time to get even more relaxed now.

* * *

The doorbell rang just as Kylisha was getting into bed. Groaning with frustration, she left the comfort of her bed and went to answer the door.

“Please don’t let it be my grandmother,” Kylisha prayed as she treaded up the hallway in her bare feet. She was not in the mood for Jacinta’s antics tonight.

One look through the peephole quickly ruled out her grandmother’s presence. In fact, the person standing on the other side of the door wasn’t a woman at all.

It’s Gene! Kylisha mused as her pulse began to race with excitement. She started to wring her hands. Indecision attacked her mind like angry wasps.


Should she open the door? Or should she pretend she wasn’t home?

The doorbell rang again, causing Chloe to peek her sleepy head around the corner.

Trying to think past the excitement she felt, Kylisha turned around and ran back to her bedroom. Had she decided to ignore the man at the door by going back to bed? No. Her car was parked right out front. Gene would know she was trying to avoid him if she didn’t answer the door. Worse, he might think something was wrong and call her landlord to open the door as a precaution.

No, Kylisha’s current haste stemmed completely from the fact that she suddenly realized she didn’t have on any panties. She never wore underwear to bed. That had been one of the luxuries of finally having her own place.

Had the person at the door actually been her grandmother, this lack of underwear issue might not have been so important. However, since it was Gene, a man Kylisha was particularly attracted to, she needed every barrier she could erect between them. Not to mention the unacceptable attire factor that pertained to all wholesome single women with gentleman callers.

While in the bedroom, Kylisha decided to change clothes as well. The knee-length sleeper shirt she wore was entirely too thin to receive male guests in. Only problem was, she didn’t know what to replace it with.

The doorbell rang for the third time. Chloe started to meow loudly as a not so subtle reminder – Somebody’s at the door, Mommy!

“I’m coming,” Kylisha yelled out. Thoroughly distracted now, she snatched a pink romper from a closet hanger and put it on.


After zipping up the garment, Kylisha sprinted back to the front door and flung it open. Unfortunately she forgot two things in her haste. One, she forgot to take a few extra seconds to catch her breath before opening the door. Two, she forgot to put on underwear after all.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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