Changing Gene is finally in paperback!

See the Front/Back Cover and short blurb below:



“No woman is worth a man’s pride,” Gene Waldenhall once bragged to a coworker.

Little did he know that he’d have to give up that and so much more in order to gain the heart of Kylisha Greene. Especially since the virginal Christian woman will have nothing to do with a womanizing playboy like him.

* * *

For those who want to purchase Changing Gene in paperback, the link is provided below:

For those who want to purchase Changing Gene in e-book form, the link is provided below:

Thanks for everything, you guys.


PS. Special THANKS to those that submitted reviews and/or comments along the way.


12 thoughts on “Changing Gene is finally in paperback!

  1. Hie Suprina!!!!!!
    I was away from work for a while and so i have had a lt of catching up to do!First theings first, i love the cover of Changing Gene and i especially love the readers review part… did you see me there? well of course you did!

    Now because i came back in the office last week Thursday(27/09) i’ve had some serious catching up to do. and i must say i love Enticing Mr Wrong but Gene is still my favourite.i ‘m also falling in love with Greg!he is so delicious in a crazy way!Look at it this way, i love aman who is a man, but who knows a good woman when he sees her.He is battling with his chosen career and i like a man who will try to change for his wife-to-be or girl friend. Now why am i sending comments to this blog???because my old computer(kicking it) won’t let me post a comment to you at your main website. i’m also sad because i will not get that book because i am Single but don’t worry because i too am waiting for my Boaz (is taht Subrina’s one), now that may get confusing- a David of my own (a man after God’s own heart..) so David.Well Suprina i have read My Lover, My friend, Sheree and Graham’s story, Changing Gene etc and while i’m in love with Gene i say Greg is shaping up in away i love. I love the way you bring in all the emotions, i was about to cry at the cemetery and i’m like hook her up in the club punching Cami because us sisters need to defend ourselves. So you know some people are lurking, i’m one of those. Keep up the good work and i hope you check this site soon because that’s where i’m posting from though i will mail you properly later. Much love, i wish i could post directly so i could talk to Kim, Kassie, Subrina, Marlene etc because i love a bit of suspense and there is nothing like sharpening each other’s detective reasoning…

  2. i’m back again that Cami needs to be real! how can you do that to your own flesh and blood? Well i see why you feel no pity for her she is trash!Okay now i’m going to forget about her and just say i love the way you are bringing this story to us. Your characters are very real and i enjoy reading from an inspirational point of view because the characters always have a praying person and that keeps you in line and we all need that in this crazy and tempting world. I love this strory because my brother was once into drugs and began acting really crazy selling things etc but he stopped(i hope). this story touches apart of our lives that we would like to hide but cannot. Keep up the good work dear and donot forget tocheck this blog because i love your work!

  3. I do not believe Aisha! I can feel Greg’s pain right now and the embarassment of seeing her with his friends! Some people just do not learn. i now see the connection between E-Blade knowing and her being in trouble. Just one Question though, are we waiting 6 months for a wedding?i just need to know. Freddy should be the one to die, the world would be a better place without people like him…Loving the story Suprina(sometimes i want to cal you Kylisha?)

  4. Well what can i say? i’m just waiting for you to get us out of this one!

    I do not understand how Greg can even think that we are cool, when he just caused enough issues for E-Blade to last a last time. the only redeeming part is that E-Blade could feel Delia’s pain nevermind his inablity to identify the source of the problem- himself!I like you writing a sequel about them because there is a lot of work to be done on the character of E-Blade.

    Please chuck Cami out!wailing about having nowhere to go when she is a back stabbing liitle chit! She deserves to be on the street and unfortunately characters like that walk the earth!

    I guess drama is what i thrive on, i’m like checking your site every one hour just to see what everybody else thinks and i’m glad to say we are on the same page! i could take a drink and a smoke right now (lol) because ohh the rush of adrenalin is so intense, for a moment there i forgot all about poor Jarrett who should be unhappy Jarrett just now. If he could tell her about his girl and his life and she lies to him about her brother, her man, everything! He will be a better man than me if he will forgive her so soon…

    Well do something, post!

  5. it just occurred to me to put in some spaces in my posts, i’m bit like that in real life too. Well no use wasting precious time giving you something to format well for easy reading when you could be posting (lol).

  6. SUPRINA (shouting!weeping even) how could you kill Racker? well i mean E-Blade did it but why? I feel sad for Alexis and her babies! But at least her man had married her, but still i’m heartbroken. Can we kill somebody else? someone like Cami?anyone but Racker!!!!!!!!!sigh

  7. hie Suprina

    Firstly my horses are well and truly reined!I have read up to the JB chapter and i’m thinking he has a lot of nerve but we do have enough peopel with that kind of mentality. i like the way you got us out of there. Its a shame E-Blade had to make that early exit but a saved exit is better than one with no Lord. I would have loved it more if E-Blade and Delia got their own reconciliationa ndif it was not one in the throes of death. Well i’m like the way things are shaping up right now. Suprina girl you rock……….

  8. Hey Suprina babes, i’m sorry to hear about your relative having a stroke. i will remember you in my prayers. Mum had one of those in May but thank the Lord she is fine now and i wil pray that the Lord heals your relative and restores them to their full health. V

  9. Hey there its me again, i’m just so in love with that cover.i especially love the mystery that back view gives, you don’t know who or what is on the other side. Suprina are you sure you won’t pursue writing full time?

    All my love and all the best. Looking forward to Pursuing Mrs Regrets…

  10. Vongai: I’ve answered most of your questions and comments on the other blog. Yet the last comment (Oct 22) I’ll answer here. I WISH I could pursue writing full time, but right now it does not produce enough income to make a living. Fortunately, it does pay for itself (internet access, printing costs, etc…) most times. Until my writing endeavors are able to provide for my other expenses, I will continue to have a dual career (writing/accounting). After all, a sista gots to eat. *smile*

    Be blessed,


  11. Well we wouldn’t want something to happen to you coz you had stopped eatin now, think hair, clothes and nails too(i just discovered those)!I’m like in love with writing too but i can never seem to sit down long enough to write anovel! maybe i should do a bit of blogging too. Well right now i feel is not yet the time i’m like doing so many bthings, till that day ….

  12. Vongai: Amen, girl, on that stop eating thing, though I could stand to drop a few pounds. lol. Anyhoo…I think you should blog just to see if you like it. It won’t hurt to try. The only downside to it is finding the time. Or rather you have to make the time to do it.

    If you do decide to blog, just forward me your blog address so I can come hang out with you there sometimes.



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