Welcome to my WordPress Blog. I’m Suprina Frazier, an up and coming Romance Novel Writer.

I hope you enjoy the short stories that are featured here.

Hugs and Grins,



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank God for u!…….I am an incurable romantic and though I am currently under credit card punishment 🙂 I sure will be making my purchases when my sentence is lifted……keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Thanks, Scooter! For all who don’t know, Scooter is my real-life sister. As in we share the same mother. lol. She’s the baby girl of the family and we all love her dearly.

    The fact that any of my relatives are sending kudos is a big thing for me. Especially since kinfolk are sometimes the last ones to see you in a different light from the person they were raised with.

    To my reader friends, I’m Suprina, the author that likes to share the books of her mind with the world. To my family, I’m just regular ol’ Michelle, the sister that loves to curl up with a book and spends entirely too much time in front of her computer.

    So THANKS again, Scooter, for expanding your vision of me.


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