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New Release – Big Girlz Won’t Cry

Caesar THOUGHT he didn’t like big girls…until he met Subrina. See how this BBW changed his mind in Big Girlz Won’t Cry.

Available for immediate download on Kindle/Kindle for PC @ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007PJ1K4E


Change in Plans – July’s Short Story

Instead of featuring a short story here this month as promised, I’m featuring a FREE full-length novella at another blog. The title of that novella is called Treachery Among Diamonds.

Although I wrote Treachery Among Diamonds a long time ago (2007), I never released it for publication because it was missing something. Come join me as I revamp the ENTIRE tale at http://valentchamber.com/viewstory.php?sid=615

Here’s the blurb:

Love is the last thing on Nurse Sanaa Woods’ mind. After ending an abusive marriage, all she wants to do now is work, find a place of her own, and rebuild her self-esteem from the crumbled mess she allowed it to shatter in to.

Rudolph Van Diamond is not looking for love either. These days he’s not looking for much of anything as he recovers from a nervous breakdown brought about by too much work, too little sleep, a cheating wife, and a sadistic older brother.

Imagine Rudolph and Sanaa’s surprise when love blossoms between them anyway. Too bad very few people are happy for them. Some of those naysayers will prove to be downright treacherous about keeping them apart.


The Professor – Blog Treasure Hunt

Question 3: Where is Aurelia originally from?

(Click on the right answer)


Virgin Islands

Password Clue: Charge


If you’re late joining The Professor’s Treasure Hunt and want to read the sneak preview, click on the link below to start from the beginning:


Free E-books At Harlequin!

In case business continues to increase this tax season, thereby interfering with the posting of this month’s short story, I thought I’d pass on a link for you to get 16 free e-books instead.

Not from me, mind you. I’m a generous person, but I can’t afford to be that generous…yet.

No, Harlequin is the benevolent entity this time. They are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and thus are offering free downloads of 16 of their books. Sixteen, yall! lol.

Without further ado, here’s the link to download those free e-books: